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Zande and Paramekia

Xande's Role-Playing Saga is the second saga of the series, and stars Xande as the main focus. Mateus invites Xande to play a tabletop role-playing game called Penultimate Fiction, and they base their characters off of their alternate in-game designs and mistranslated names (Mateus is Paramekia, and Xande is Zande). Zande's first quest involves slaying a knight known as Cujo (played by Kuja) in a cave to the north. However, Xande soon learns that Cujo is the real main character, and Zande only exists to give him experience. Xande quit the game before this could happen, foiling Mateus and Kuja's plans.


Characters Appearing in Episodes:


This saga is a parody of a flash series on The Escapist titled "Unforgotten Realms", in which two boys play a role-playing game incorrectly. Zande's quote (see image) happens to be the main character's catch phrase in said series.