The Defender of Secrets

The Guardian is one of the Landlord's cohorts, and is the fourth completely original character (barring Kumera) to appear in the comic, having been introduced in Episode 0071. He is constantly accompanied by his imaginary companion, Bone.




The Guardian's personality is mainly seen as insane, since he continuously makes pop culture references (e.g. He says to Garland "What will Mayor McCheese think?! Vote for Count Chocula at the upcoming election!") and says things that make little or no sense (e.g. "I am the Guardian. I'm made of invincible and people can't move unless I'm awesome"). He seems quite delusional as he talks to Garland as if he was speaking and telling him to shut up, even though nothing had been said. However, the Guardian still proves to be quite villainous as shown when he fights Garland's Fire personality.


The Guardian possesses two weapons: a melee one, and a defensive one. His melee weapon, the Tacbyen, is a tall, dual-sided scythe, making it resemble a pickaxe. A red jewel at its peak also makes it resemble a scepter. His defensive weapon, the Enuhceta, is a spiked tower shield with a rotating handle, allowing him to switch between stationary and mobile defense stances at will.


The Guardian is very powerful physically, able to wield his enormous weapons with ease and go blow-to-blow with Garland. The Guardian is a master of the Fire atribute. He has the Fire-Eater ability, which causes fire based attacks to heal him, and possesses Giga-Firaja, one of the most powerful Fire spells of all.


Guardian face

Rape face if I ever saw one.

Domus FacinaEdit

Not much is known about The Guardian, other than his apparent duty to defend the Lunar Palace, a duty he acts upon when Garland invades his territory in Garland's Lunar Saga. The two do battle with one another, but the Guardian ultimately wins upon using Giga-Firaja, which is only one of his weaker abilities. He keeps Garland in place while Raem devours his memory, but unbeknownst to them, Garland is using a different personality as a decoy.


  • The Guardian was based directly on the appearance and personality of one of the author's friends: Tyler Wasser.
  • The Guardian's weapon names are written in the fictional language of the Al Bhed, from Final Fantasy X. The scythe's name is Despair, and the shield's name is Ironside (named after the username that Wasser commonly uses).
  • The Guardian's double-sided scythe strongly resembles a pickaxe, and is named after the Pickaxe of Despair, the strongest weapon in Silent Hill 4.