Operator of the World

"Sorry, we don't sell in bulk."
-The Contractor

The Contractor is an original character in Domus Facina. He is the first of The Landlord's cohorts to be revealed, and made his first appearance in Episode 0020.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

The Contractor wears a color scheme of red and green. He has shoulder-length brown hair and wears sunglasses. His green hat has a red feather, and his red jacket has a green collar, with small blue jewels dangling from their tips. His red gloves only cover the fingers, and he wears green pants with red shoes, whose flaps stretch all the way up his shins. His most noticeable feature is his long, red fox tail.

Personality Edit

The Contractor is a very bubbly person, but this belies his cunning. As the manager of every facility on Xineerauqs, he can change his policies at a moment's notice, just to screw with his customers. His plans can backfire on him though, and these instances shock him when they do.

Weapons Edit

The Contractor has two weapons: the Sorge, and the Leiden. The Sorge is a gunblade; a rifle-scimitar hybrid with a fox tail keychain. The Leiden is a trench knife redesigned to resemble Amano's weapons.

Powers Edit

Most of the Contractor's powers are still a mystery, and his ability to manage every facility on the planet has yet to be explained.

Story Edit

Contractor face

Nothing is known about The Contractor's past, except that he and The Landlord are from the same world. The Contractor has been given the seemingly impossible task of running all of the facilities on Xineerauqs, with the exception of Domus Facina. His first victim customer was Sephiroth, during Sephiroth's Milk Saga. Sephiroth needed 104 pints of milk, but the Contractor insisted he had to buy them one at a time, and then stopped him at 99. Later, when Sephiroth only wanted one, The Contractor made him buy 99 at once for a ridiculous price.


Trivia Edit

  • The names of his weapons, Sorge and Leiden, are German for "Sorrow" and "Suffer", respectively.
  • The Contractor's appearance was based on that of one of the author's college buddies, Eric Raymond.