Panel 6 S2

The ingredients for Cheese. Actually, I don't have a funny reason for picking this panel. I just like Monica.

Dark Cloud 2 is the second episode of The Adventures of Gilgamesh. Based on the hit PS2 game, Gilgamesh travels to the DC2 world and meets Max, who is busy inventing. Gilgamesh decides to help Max invent cheese in an extremely random and nonsensical way, before heading off to the future to see their results.

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Characters Appearing in Episode:

  • Maximillian
  • Monica


  • The actual "Ideas" needed to make Cheese are a "Cafe Sign", "Lao Chao's Trademark", and a "Milk Can". The actual ingredients needed are 8 bags of Flour, 2 Water Elements, and a vial of Tasty Water.
  • Clothing and fish cannot actually be used to invent things, but they CAN be fused with weapons to increase their stats.