Silver Dragon

Kuja's faithful travelling companion

The Silver Dragon is a minor villain in Final Fantasy IX, who served as Kuja's means of transport and, on occasion, fought the heroes, once with an army of other Silver Dragons. With Kuja's introduction, the Silver Dragon automatically received a place in Domus Facina, and made her first appearance in Episode 0027. She, like the Shadow Dragon, will also act like a dog.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

The Silver Dragon is, as the name implies, a silver, quadruped dragon with feathered wings and red claws.

Personality Edit

In Domus Facina, Silver, like Shadow, will act like a dog. Despite this, she is very much like her owner, Kuja. Beautiful, yet deceptive, and always trying to further her own means.

Story Edit

Final Fantasy IX Edit

The Silver Dragon is one of many who served as guardians of Terra. The one featured in Domus Facina is Kuja's personal escort, carrying him away from Burmecia, and then helping him fight against Brahne and Bahamut.

Domus Facina Edit

Kuja was permitted to bring his personal dragon with him to Domus Facina. Silver was first seen seducing the Shadow Dragon in a successful attempt to get at his food.