Shadow Dragon

Isn't he so cuuuuute?

"Bark! Bark!"

The Shadow Dragon is a minor character in Final Fantasy IV, who served as one of Golbez's minions. He acts like a puppy in Domus Facina, and was introduced alongside Golbez in Episode 0006.

Traits Edit

Appearance Edit

Shadow is a purple, serpentine dragon with big yellow eyes and two arms.

Personality Edit

In Domus Facina, Shadow acts like a little puppy. He's very energetic, kind of suspicious of others, quite naive, and a sucker for pretty girls.

Story Edit

Final Fantasy IV Edit

During Golbez's raid on King Giott's castle, Cecil and company came to stop him. Golbez summoned the Shadow Dragon, who used his signature attack, Black Fang to knock out everyone except Cecil, who was near-death as it was. Shadow met his fate when one of Cecil's allies, Rydia, showed up and summoned the Mist Dragon, defeating Shadow in one hit.

Domus Facina Edit

Because Shadow is a summon, he cannot completely die. Being defeated just means he can't fight during that battle anymore. He continues serving his master in Domus Facina. He was fed a giant rack of Behemoth ribs by his master, but it was taken from him after being seduced by Silver.