Occasionally, characters that are not from any Final Fantasies whatsoever appear in the comic, usually to surprise the reader, but mostly to invoke a sense of open-mindedness in the content of the series. They mostly appear in specials like The Adventures of Gilgamesh. Below is a list of these characters.



The Evillest of Evils

Him is a villain from the Powerpuff Girls. In Episode 0029, Mateus accidentally summoned Him from Hell in an attempt to prove his power to Ultimecia. Him is subsequently beat into the ground due to his... tranvestite-like attire.


Laura 1

The fan-chosen "main character" of U-Saga.

Laura, despite being only one of Unlimited Saga's seven main characters, is often considered to be the overall main character of the whole game, due to the greater amount of focus she gets. She appears in The Adventures of Gilgamesh, Unlimited SaGa, where she forces Gilgamesh into learning the impossibly complex system of the game.

Pikachu sprite

The Electric Mouse


Pikachu is the mascot and co-star of Pokemon. In Episode 0037, Zemus imagined Pikachu as an unlikely replacement for him should he be absent when the heroes arrive.

Tower GodEdit

Tower God

God is a Butterfly

The Tower God is the main antagonist of Tower of Heaven. He possesses the form of a butterfly, but the power of a god. He appears in The Adventures of Gilgamesh, The Tower of Heaven, and creates asinine rules for Gilgamesh to follow as he climbs the tower.



Max DC2

The young inventor

Max is the main character of Dark Cloud 2 (also known as Dark Chronicle). He appears in The Adventures of Gilgamesh, Dark Cloud 2, where he shows Gilgamesh how the inventing process works (though in an exaggerated and ridiculous manner).


Monica DC2

Hot, isn't she?

Monica is the female lead of Dark Cloud 2, and is its only playable character other than Max. She appears in The Adventures of Gilgamesh, Dark Cloud 2, and has her clothes stolen by Max so he can use them for an invention.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic CastEdit

Pony Cameos
Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle, the main cast of MLP:FiM, appear in the background in Musings of the Landlord, Breeding a Bronie.