Episode 0022

Gilgamesh making a purchase of his new favorite snack.

The Lali-Ho! Convenience Store is one of the facilities on Xineerauqs, created by the Landlord and run by The Contractor. The convenience store is where the villains purchase any needed or desired groceries with either gil provided by the Landlord or their own saleries. Like any business on Xineerauqs, the Contractor has free reign over store policy and changes them periodically to torment the villains.

Domus FacinaEdit

The convenience store is the main setting for Sephiroth's Milk Saga. When Sephiroth tried to purchase milk as per the Landlord's orders, he was constantly plagued by the Contractor's rules and policies. Gilgamesh also has a taste for the store's fudge bars, if he could learn to pronounce the name right.


  • Oddly the convenience store sells milk only in pints, and not gallons. Though knowing the Contractor, that's likely to change in the near future.
  • "Lali-Ho!" is a dwarf greeting in the Final Fantasy multiverse.