The Camera Moogle

Kumera is an original character in Domus Facina and one of the Landlord's cohorts, albeit a minor one. He is a moogle, a recurring, sentient creature in the Final Fantasy series, whose appearance is a mixture of the moogles from FF6, FF9, FF11, and FF12, while the wings are inspired by the character Vincent, from the Compilation of FF7. Although he is technically in every episode, being the series' cameraman, he wasn't acknowledged until Episode 0070.



Kumera, as a moogle, looks like a mole mixed with a bat. His gray fur looks unclean, almost wet, and purple wings and a pompom, both of which looked tattered. He wears a gold ring in one ear, dog tags, and an eyepatch over one eye, which is clearly scarred. He wears a belt with the letter K on the buckle, and an extra strap that holds his bag, which contains his camera supplies.



Kumera has the power to turn invisible and completely silent, as well as cloak his very essence, making him undetectable while filming. His magic camera also has the power to view and record thoughts, imagination, and other normally invisible things.


Domus FacinaEdit

It is unknown which FF world Kumera originated from. Kumera films every episode of Domus Facina, and can occasionally be seen by the other characters, namely during intros.


Kumera's name is a mixture of the words "Camera" and "Kupo", the sound moogles occasionally make.