The Aspiring Dynast-King

"My hands are stained with blood. I see little reason to stay them now."
-Emperor Vayne Solidor

Emperor Vayne Carudas Solidor is the main villain of Final Fantasy XII, and is the seventeenth Final Fantasy villain to be introduced in Domus Facina, appearing in Episode 0036. He was introduced alongside Venat.



Vayne has long, curly brown hair that hangs in the front only on his right side. His eyes are grey, and he has a slightly crooked nose. He wears a red, white, and black monarchy suit with a green vest over it, as well as various jewelry as a brooch. He has large, gold cuffs with white gloves, and long, gold and blue leggings. His gold belt acts as both a tasset and a hipcape, which is colored white and red.


Vayne is an extremely stoic person, although a passionate one. The only things that matter to him are his dreams and the future of his younger brother, Larsa. He doesn't show his emotions, as he has killed them all through years of ruthless patricide, backhanded betrayals and framings. He has no remorse and nothing ever surprises him. In order to measure the worth of his soldiers, he will often test their loyalty by having them kill a person right in front of him.


Although Vayne prefers fighting with his fists, he also has sword-shaped machines called Sephira to assist them. These red blades float around the arena and attack enemies for him.


A Monk. Vayne has no magical powers and doesn't wield weapons. However, upon using nethicite on himself, he greatly increased in muscle mass, and gained numerous large magical swords that he could control remotely.

His greatest form however, was when Venat gave its power to him, increasing his power parameters exponentially. This form is known as The Undying. The form itself consisted of part from the Sky Fotress Bahamut attatching themselves to him, giving him the appearence of the dragon Bahamut. In this form, he gained the power to strike down large airship from a sizable distance with ease via the use of multiple energy-based beams.


Vayne face

Vayne, referencing his pose from before the final battle

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

Domus FacinaEdit

After Vayne's introduction, he spoke with Zemus, who was curious as to the fate of their worlds while they were gone. Vayne had apparently discussed this with the Landlord as well, and explained that their worlds were frozen in time during their absence. Later, Vayne was re-united with Gabranth, and was prepared to berate him for his betrayal. But Vayne mysteriously forgot the incident, while Gabranth did not. Vayne then talks about the club Gabranth had joined. Mistaking it for a therapy group, he asks if Gabranth had told the other members about "the dream" yet.