Ruler of the Granbelos Empire

"History will always choose a single person. And then that person will be known as a hero."
- Sauzer

Emperor Sauzer is the main antagonist of Bahamut Lagoon. He was introduced in Episode 0051, and is the twenty-second Final Fantasy villain to appear in Domus Facina.



Sauzer's appearance is based entirely on his official character artwork, with some color scheme influence from his battle sprite.

Sauzer has long blue hair that is all tied back in a ponytail, and beige eyes. His brown, leather trenchcoat is kept on by a line of blue buttons, and appears to always be raised due to the orange cloth hanging from beneath its cape. The coat has blue cuffs, and orange pauldrons. He wears dark brown pants, along with brown, leather, knee-high boots with blue anklets and knee bracers.

Probably the most unique and noticeable thing about his design is the completely utter lack of a mouth. This was to remain true to the original art style of his respective game. The lack of a mouth is merely a design element. The other characters do not notice, nor does this prevent him from speaking, coughing, eating, etc.


Sauzer is ambitious to the point of delusion. He strongly believes that he is history's chosen hero and intends to fulfill this role no matter what. These delusions make him think little of, if not completely forget, the heinous crimes he had actually committed. Although Sauzer desires love and peace, he is forced to use betrayal, murder, and destruction to achieve it.


Sauzer uses a very simple, two-handed sword. It has a bronze hilt, and a gold handguard that is long enough for both hands to grab onto. The blade is made of steel, of course. The entire sword is roughly 4 ft.



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