"Now, this world is extremely small. You could easily orbit it on foot in under five hours."
-The Landlord

Domus Facina is the suite in which the entire cast of Domus Facina reside. It is split into seven sectors, with the front door facing south. It's outside walls are black.The seven sectors include the following:

Social Quarters - The central area of the building that connects the front door to the outside, and from which the three Wings sprout from. In the center is the living room, containing furniture, a TV, and several video games and movies. The surrounding rooms sport a gym, an indoor pool, a pool table room, a bar, an arcade, a kitchen, a dining room, a small theatre, and an auditorium. The walls here are purple.

West Wing - The Western hallway is where the men sleep. There is one bathroom and the walls are red.

East Wing - The Eastern hallway is where the women sleep, and despite there being so few females in the cast to be, the hallway is the same size and has the same number of rooms as the West Wing. There is one bathroom and the walls are blue.

North Wing - The Northern hallway is where the Landlord and his cohorts sleep. There is a throne/meeting room at the highest, northernmost point where they converse, while their bedrooms and bathrooms are located elsewhere. The walls here are black.

Dungeon - Nothing is known about the depths of Domus Facina.

Backyard - There are two sections to the backyard. The space between the Western and Northern Wings is an outdoor pool, and the area between the Northern and Eastern wings is a currently unattended garden.

Front Yard - Nothing much out here except for the mailbox, which is used to deliver mail and gifts from fans to the inhabitants.