Ancient Guardian of Ehrgeiz

Django is the main antagonist and final boss of Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring. He is the twenty-fifth Final Fantasy villain to be introduced in Domus Facina, first appearing in Episode 0060.



Django appears as a gray wolf with small tusks and yellow eyes. He has a long mane that resembles a mohawk, and his body is covered in red markings (possibly dye). Each of his legs is bound in a spiked brace.


All aspects of Django's personality were non-existant in Ehrgeiz. However, in Domus Facina, Django appears as a very level-headed person, though stricken with pent up rage sprouting from boredom. He wants to get his life back on track, but must first overcome his personal demons from his years of isolation. In Domus Facina, he communicates telepathically using thought bubbles, similar to how Garfield the Cat speaks.


Besides an extremely long lifespan (one spanning centuries), Django is very agile, even for a wolf. He can attack with somersaults and backflips, but his most unique ability is his fire-breath. Django also has minor control over the Void, like ExDeath. When weakened, he transforms into a skull-headed beast known as Red Scorpion.


Django face

Django, referencing his in-game face artwork.

Ehrgeiz: God Bless the RingEdit

Django is one of two remaining members of an ancient race that is capable of changing from human to wolf. (The other is Wolf Girl Jo, whom he may not even know about.) However, years as guardian of Ehrgeiz have led him to forget how to change back to a human.

The Ehrgeiz is a legendary and coveted sword, as its hilt contains a Phoenix materia, which can resurrect the dead. Bored of his duties, Django uses his powers to influence warriors from the outside to come to his location, making knowledge of the Ehrgeiz's existence public. He even used his powers over the Void to steal the leg of one Han Daehan, giving him incentive to try and retrieve it. An organization named after Django called Red Scorpion was formed, and they used under-handed tactics to gather warriors capable of retrieving Ehrgeiz for them.

However, Django was brought to Domus Facina before any challengers presented themselves to him.

Domus FacinaEdit

While living in Domus Facina, he must honor traditional customs and live in a doghouse, much to his annoyance. When General Hein tried making Django do tricks, he got defensive, but was then threatened into obeying.