"I have cast a special spell around Domus Facina. No one can die unless I so will it."
-The Landlord

The Anti-Death Spell is a charm cast on Xineerauqs by The Landlord in order to guarantee the survival of himself and the villains. This does not, however, prevent pain, even if some characters seem somewhat immune to it. It is unknown whether the Landlord is keeping the spell active through force of will, or if it is permanent. If it was the former, it would mean the Landlord would have to be capable of keeping it active even while asleep.

The spell was first explained in the first panel of Episode 0010, right after Kefka tried to burn ExDeath to a crisp in Episode 0009.

Thus far, characters that have avoided death thanks to the spell include:

So it's obvious how much the spell is needed.